Little Chilli witnesses the reopening of Shimla airport

Airstrip view
The much awaited event was finally flagged off by PM Modi and we watched it ! Yes, Little Chilli overlooks the Shimla airport. It was beautifully lit of on the night of the inauguration and we are just 6km from the airport.

We are ideally located between the airport and Shimla city. For many travelers too, this will be a big respite especially during peak summer season, when roads too are completely packed and there are traffic jams all the way.

Theme Dining @ ‘The Bunker’ & our latest recreation area !


The idea of doing up the dining are in Army fatigue came quite naturally to us. It is rather difficult to let go of the life we have lived so long and this room is a reminder of our beloved ‘Ojee Green’.

IMG_20150724_114928    IMG_20150724_115350

Foosball was just a fascinating idea for us and it led to a lovely concept – a recreation area for guests with Table Tennis, Carrom, Foosball, Cards, Croquette. Everything housed under one roof is bound to keep you busy.

The walls are done in a beautiful stone slate masonry and are adorned by Vimal Art. These are on sale and prices will be shared on request.


Parking Woes in Shimla

Shimla, off late has become not only overcrowded for holiday-goers, it also does not have the infrastructure to cater for all the needs of travellers. Most visitors travel by road and after carrying out a long and ‘winding’ journey, they end up wasting time in traffic snarls and parking woes.

The recent article shared below bellows out the pain that one goes through in finding parking in Shimla city. This definitely is not the meaning of a holiday and you would much rather visit a quiet place away from the city and steal some time to visit the mall road as well. It only takes half a day to see it all at the Mall Road. The real breathtaking views, tranquility and serenity lies in the countryside.

Go out and explore beyond the obvious. You surely do not want to leave with a bitter experience.


Little Chilli Rooms


The rooms at little chilli are carefully and tastefully crafted for comfort and luxury. The rooms have a balcony overlooking the mountains and valleys. The artwork displayed in the entire house is done by Mrs Vimal Thakur and it lends to the warm and cozy feeling in the rooms as well.




There is a reading area/library where one can spend hours reading over a cup of coffee.

About the owner


The dream project as I would call it, started on paper some 20 years back. I was only a little girl back then, but often I would see my father sit in deep thought. He would then quickly run and grab the nearest pen and paper and start drawing. What took birth in his creative mind has now turned into reality, in the form of Little Chilli.
Set in the pristine hills, away from the hustle bustle of Shimla, is this beautiful set up. So many drawings and many more revisions have shaped this property into what it is today. My father, now a retired Army Officer always wanted to go home. As kids we have known very little about Shimla, only visiting our grandparents during summer vacation. We have traveled all over the country, changed schools like fashion changes, made many friends along the way and have thoroughly enjoyed the so called, Army Life. Now my sister and I are professionals working in Mumbai, but heart is where home is.
Though my parents are from Shimla, this place is a whole new discovery for me. My dad is from a small village Chanog and mom from Junga. They have fascinating stories to tell about their childhood, schooldays, how things have changed over the years, Maharajas of the time, how much walking they had to endure, the fruit orchards, the animals. I remember how as kids my cousins and I would climb plum, almond and apricot trees in our Nanaji’s courtyard. Now at LittleChilli, we often reminisce these memories over drinks in our bar.
As a homestay, my father calls this place a cozy, homely getaway from city life, but I think it is more than that. The stories and memories that he shares, leaves everyone thinking – it’s times like these we learn to live again !