One thought on “Guest Reviews

  1. An Independence Day break!
    Not too far from the maddening crowd of Shimla is Little Chilli that makes for a perfect weekend getaway. My first visit to Shimla was made memorable by the fantastic hosts of this quaint home-stay. The rooms are spacious, neat and tastefully decorated, but the best part is the balcony. You can sit there for hours and soak in the scenic beauty.
    On the first day I sat there with a book in hand and a cup of green tea (courtesy the hosts) by my side, determined to finish the murder mystery. A couple of minutes later I discarded the book as I was too mesmerized by the surrounding. Clouds seem to touch my face and the pollution-free environment was invigorating.
    The home-made vegetarian food is light and delicious. An impromptu brunch of poori, chhole and raita, planned by Col. Omprakash Thakur and his wife on the second day of our stay made the holiday even more special.
    The ‘bunker’ style dining hall lends an aura of excitement and spending time with a retired army colonel is a treat in itself. Col Thakur is full of stories about his life in the army. Time flies when you listen to his adventures while posted in Punjab, Kashmir and other parts of India. For the youngsters there are books, a foosball table and table tennis to pass the time.
    The time I spent at Little Chilli was fantastic and I am looking forward to visiting it again!

    Suhita Roy

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